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  • Thomas Storteboom

Project Handoffs

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Handoffs… When is the last time your project experienced a good handoff? Were you receiving or passing? Ever thought you might be setting yourself up for failure just by using the word?

Handoffs are a key point of project failure. No matter what kind of project it is, if there is a handoff, you have probably felt the pain of a bad one. Ever wonder why?

Let’s flip the question. If you are all in it together and have a common goal, why are you handing it off? Sure different parts of a project require more involvement from different organizations, but aren’t the best projects the ones where everyone has input all the time?

These are the ones where you keep the customer front and center throughout the whole process. You design it for manufacturing. The sales and marketing approach are discussed throughout. The suppliers capabilities are considered during component design. Supply chain and logistics have a voice in making decisions.

Do you know what you create when everyone is involved throughout the project? Buy-in!

Do you know what Buy-In creates? Success!

Are you resisting because you think involving everyone will slow the project down?

If that is you, here is a little secret: People inherently like working more on something they had input into than something they were handed. Know what happens to projects that people like? They get done faster!

Why not create a little buy-in on your next project. Make sure every group has a seat at the table during the whole journey.

ps. Don’t forget to quit using the word handoff. It is setting you up for failure!


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