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  • Thomas Storteboom

Where are your good ideas coming from?

New Year’s thought starter: As you think about this year, do you know where your good ideas are going to come from? Or are you just hoping you will find them?

Do you have a plan to turn insights into ideas? Are your customers part of that plan? Who on the team is responsible for managing that process? Do they know what the goal is?

Good ideas that fall into your lap are rare. Not planning on how to find them is kind of like wishing for success. More often than not it takes preparation, thought, team work, research, learning, and hard work.

Are you planning on your innovation program to deliver great things? Make sure you are planning on where the ideas are going to come from as well. Ideas do not just appear out of thin air, but they can be found.

Curious about finding better ideas? Let’s chat!


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