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  • Thomas Storteboom

Hybrid Meeting Facilitation

Hybrid meeting facilitation… Those three words have potential bad experience written all over them.

Now, add ‘workshop’ to that and you KNOW that someone is going to get left out.

How do you engage everyone equally when creating content live in a meeting?

Traditionally I would have used a whiteboard to facilitate a meeting like this. But what about that person who is in a different country? They would be more productive going to bed rather than watching the back of my head, straining to hear my voice, and getting lost while trying to interpret still photos of a white board that we send to them once in a while. Not a fun experience.

So how do you ensure that they have an equal voice? You have to level the playing field.

But how? That was the challenged I was faced with over the past few weeks as I prepared for a prioritization exercise with my clients leadership team. The content needed to be dynamic and they needed to contribute to its creation live in the meeting. Powerpoint was not going to cut it.

Leveling the playing field meant I had to move all the content creation online. I ended up using an online digital whiteboard platform called Miro. It took a lot of preparation, but with everyone using Miro and logged into the video conference, everyone had the same experience.

Have to admit I was really nervous going into the meeting, but it turned out amazing! I structured the content so that about 80% of the time the leadership team was creating content together in the meeting. Engagement was off the charts. The discussion it drove was incredible and needed. The experience as better for everyone.

And it has changed the way that I will facilitate workshops forever. Who knew electronic sticky notes could be so impactful.

Let me know if you have other great ideas for hybrid meeting facilitation. Always happy to learn about new ideas!


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