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  • Thomas Storteboom


Titles describe us. Some we are born with, while others we do something to earn. Some we intentionally strive for and some just happen to us. Recently I have been working toward one that was never on my radar…


Of all the things I have thought of achieving, writing a book was never on the list. However, as I continue this entrepreneurial journey, I am realizing a few things:

1) A lot of companies struggle with the same issues when it comes to innovation.

2) It seems that what I have learned over the years is helpful to solving some of those struggles.

3) There is only one of me. Writing it down will allow those insights to travel farther than I ever could, helping more people innovate faster.

With that in mind and the encouragement from some really great people, I embarked on writing a book earlier this year. I have to admit there were a LOT of mental hurdles to get over just to get started. Now I am 9,000+ words in and excited to get it done.

It is going to take a while. This is a longer journey than I ever imagined. The great part is I get to try something entirely new and out of my comfort zone.

Is there anything you are doing that is taking you out of your comfort zone this year? I would love to hear about it and encourage you!


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