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  • Thomas Storteboom

Never Stop Innovating

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Has the uncertainty that is 2020 created a willingness to innovate how you operate? Do you want to keep that momentum going once the "new normal" settles in? Ron Ashkenas wrote an article that discusses exactly that and how to keep it up once life settles back into a normal rhythm.

In short:

1) Engage in small experiments: I love this! I agree, this is how innovation should always be done. Spend a little, learn a lot, and adjust.

2) Set zesty goals: When your back is against the wall, you go big, why not do it all the time? The group that is innovating to disrupt you is innovating like survival is their only option. Why aren't you?

3) Lean in and get personally involved: Seems self evident. Yet, it's not often done well from the top. Too many other distractions in a normal day-to-day. A crisis can clarify priorities. Don't forget those...


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