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  • Thomas Storteboom

Thought Starters. For Bottom Line Optimization

Thought starters... We all need them to help us look in places we have not been thinking about for a while. Here is a short list of ways to optimize your bottom line. You have thought of all these before, but have you thought about them lately?

1) Target the Right Customers

2) Raise Your Prices

3) Add Complementary Products

4) Pare Down Your Expenses

5) Invest in Preventative Maintenance

6) Refinance Debt

7) Improve Employee Training

My favorite right now is to "add complementary products". The idea of making a whole ecosystem for your customers is really powerful. The companies who get this right really suck people in. It becomes a point of pride that they have bought into a particular ecosystem. Brand loyalty at its best.

Which one has you thinking?

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