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  • Thomas Storteboom

Last Mile Delivery - Customer Service

Last-mile delivery is so critical for a great customer experience. Just think about how you react to where different packages are left at your house (garage, porch, lawn, mailbox, etc). Really interesting to see Walmart leveraging their scale and offering Last-mile delivery as a service to other merchants.

While this is definitely going to help merchants without a delivery service get in the game, Walmart could win big with this one. The data they will get is priceless. What local areas and regions need more delivery infrastructure? What local products are selling well and should be added to their own inventory? Any other wins you can think of?

The delivery is one of the last touch points you have with your customer after a purchase. And an important one. It will be interesting to see who gets on board with this. Would you trust your product delivery to Walmart?

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